Raleigh, NC – The National Association for Gun Rights PAC (NAGR-PAC) has announced its endorsement of Republican candidate Greg Brannon for the United States Senate from North Carolina. 

“The National Association for Gun Rights PAC is proud to endorse Greg Brannon for U.S. Senate in the Republican primary in North Carolina. Greg Brannon will be a rock-solid leader and a fighter who will represent gun owners not only in North Carolina, but across the country”, declared Dudley Brown,  Executive Vice President of the National Association for Gun Rights PAC.

The National Association for Gun Rights is the second largest and fastest growing gun rights organization in the country. 

During the fight over the Second Amendment in the U.S. Senate last Spring, NAGR spent more than all other pro-gun organizations combined in an effort to stop Harry Reid’s attack on the Second Amendment. 

“Our Second Amendment rights are in jeopardy – President Obama is the most radical, anti-gun president in history – and we need a champion like Greg Brannon in the Senate to combat activist judicial nominees and to aggressively oppose any international, anti-gun treaties put forward by the UN,” said Brown.

“Greg Brannon is the kind of leader we need to join Pro-Gun Senators like Rand Paul and Mike Lee in the U.S. Senate in their fight to defend our Second Amendment freedoms. While so many politicians pay lip service to the Constitution, Greg Brannon knows what shall not be infringed means, and will be a strong advocate for the right to keep and bear arms, ” added Brown.

“I’m proud to have the support of an organization who, like me, refuses to compromise on our God given rights. I look forward to fighting to defend the Second Amendment and gun owners in the United States Senate,” said Brannon.

Dr. Greg Brannon is a Cary pro-life Obstetrician and conservative leader in North Carolina.  A popular speaker for Tea Party groups the past few years, Dr. Brannon is the anti-establishment candidate running in opposition to the Big Government, big spending status quo in both political parties.

Opportunities to speak with the candidate are available for members of the media upon request. Please contact Campaign Manager, Reilly O’Neal, at (919) 605-7532 or email press@gregbrannon.com with questions.


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