agriculture property rights

Agriculture & Property Rights

North Carolina’s agricultural economy has been richly blessed, with some 50,000 farms producing everything from wheat and sweet potatoes, to pork and poultry, and even Christmas trees and trout.

The success of this industry is vital not just to our state as a whole, but to the many farming families that comprise it.

Unfortunately, the steady, slow creep of unneeded and burdensome government regulation is threatening that success.

Our farmers know what they’re doing, and when government gets out of the way they thrive.

As your Senator, I will always vote to keep control of farmers’ property in the hands of farmers, not central planners in DC.

The government’s real role in agriculture is to protect the private property rights of farmers and to allow them to make their own decisions on how to use their own land most productively.

Without the protection of private property there is no liberty.


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