Gruber was hired by Romney , Obama and the state of North Carolina. Who are the fools? Time for individual Liberty and freedom to become completely , 100% non compromising — period— or they will gone forever!!!

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Article. I.

Section. 1.

All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.

My statement on the Executive Order

Tonight, President Obama kept his promise. 

He said he would fundamentally transform America and tonight he put the final nail in the great American experiment of limited self-government.

Our founders sacrificed their lives for a republic founded in God’s natural law, not the rule of man.

We now have a dictator.

The president has thirteen functions and none of them are legislative. He is a constitutional law professor? He should know this is unconstitutional and not spit on the very first line of it. This president has taken an oath in Article 2 to faithfully execute the constitution.

What’s the answer? It is in the constitution. Impeachment!

In addition, the congress must not fund any of his actions, and the states have their own responsibility to not follow through on unconstitutional acts. Every elected official took an oath to uphold the constitution and the time for action is now!

We cannot trade one team for another. Where is the fortitude of our elected officials while our American experiment holds in the balance. Let’s not forget that the Chamber of Commerce and other crony capitalists were in favor of this “reform”.

This isn’t a Republican vs. Democrat thing.

This is an individual liberty vs. tyranny thing.


AuthorGreg Brannon
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Remember when I said this was just the beginning?

It’s true! I’ve been extremely busy these past few months. If there is one thing I learned from the past two years, it’s that life can be exciting, and even a little crazy. Think back to the apathy and ignorance our nation has faced just in this year alone. And now, we are winning that war.

Liberty is winning! 

Whether it’s spreading the message of liberty, financial issues, family drama, fitness concerns, or just taking some time to rest, we all can use a little help learning how to take back control in all areas of our lives.

Running for Senate has given me the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life; business leaders, pastors, corporate climbers, teachers, doctors, parents. You name it, and I’ve met them.

All these people have or will lead at some point in their lives. 

All of us are often called to lead, but are we always ready?

You see, a lot of us sometimes don’t have the resources to tackle our problems and take advantage of opportunities right in front of our eyes. I know how you feel. I felt the same way. The great news is that all changed when I found out about Life Leadership. 

This is why I’m reaching out to you. 

The problem I’ve discovered boils down to finding purpose in our lives and having the proper tools necessary to reach that purpose, whether that’s fighting for individual liberty, freedom and sovereignty. The wealth of the individual and the nation will prosper in a true free market society. 

When you center your life on a purpose and focus on education and hard work, things often fall into place. I feel strongly that we need to equip ourselves with the right tools to truly experience all of life’s opportunities. Each day we are presented with choices, do I say yes, no, give up or push through? 

I believe we need to have a purpose with a passion. If we pursue individual liberty, freedom, maintaining our inalienable rights, and a free market economy, we all prosper! 

What’s the answer? 

Life Leadership.

Life Leadership is for those who earnestly seek a better life, are interested in the strenuous process of personal growth, are driven to succeed in significant ways, and are committed to a life of excellence for a higher purpose.

Life Leadership is about economic freedom, faith, leadership, personal development, 
community, and education, all bundled together. 

I’ve been working alongside with the founders of this incredible program, Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward to investigate the claims it makes.

After careful due diligence, I believe Life Leadership is the program to live the life we’ve 
always wanted and the path to restore this country back to its original principles of the sovereign individual, economic freedom, and limited government. 

There is a media war, and the way to win is with proper education. 

Don’t get me wrong, anything worth doing, is worth doing properly. The Life 
Leadership team we are building can and will equip us with the skills and tools to beat 
mediocrity and the status quo. There is a way to do it, and gain financial independence in the process!

We’re looking for leaders who are driven by a higher purpose and want to lead a better, more productive life. If this is you, please visit if you’re interested in joining my team and taking control back of your lives.

In Liberty,

Greg Brannon, MD

P.S – Head to right now to request more info on how to equip yourself for a better life and gain financial independence in the process.

We are a constitutional republic. A nation built on God’s natural law, the basis of our constitutional law. The rule of law, not of men! 

The federal government’s main role is defense. Power under control, but it must be done CONSTITUTIONALLY! 

John Qunicy Adams warned , America will lose it’s credibility to the world, If we go looking for monsters to destroy!

We must demand this from our civil servants. We are ultimately responsible for our individual actions.

Last night, President Obama said “I have the authority to address the threat from ISIL“.

Congress, demand your constitutional responsibility.  Article I section 8 clause 11 states that congress declares war, not the president!

To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water;

We are suppose to be a republic not a dictatorship, yet last night Obama “urged” congress to join him in his unilateral decision. Declaring war must be debated, and this imperial president’s action is why the USA is where we are!

Impeachable !

Today, the republic is dead! We are a dictatorship leading an empire. No thought of the sovereignty of nations. We are the generation Madison warned about! And that is sad.

This morning, Judge Napolitano also weighed in on the issue as well.

AuthorGreg Brannon

In a time of crisis, it is mandatory, that one does not waiver on foundational truth — regardless of outcome.

Now is that time!  History is demanding an answer!

Future generations are waiting for our response!

The Constitution restrains the federal government, not individual liberty! Franklin warned us, “A republic, if you can keep it”.

Freedom and Liberty are verbs, and the time for action is now! Then, Senator Burr voted to have the First Amendment attacked

Watch this speech on the senate floor yesterday from someone who will defend our First Amendment:

AuthorGreg Brannon

On my weekly radio segment with Curtis Wright, We discussed some of the atrocities of the foundation that government education is built on. Here is the Audio from that segment:

This Saturday on my weekly “Constitutional Path to Liberty Show, we are going to dis-spell the myths surrounding Common Core. Why Government Likes it, Why Conservatives don’t, and why many Republicans want to call it something else to make conservatives think they got rid of it,

Tune in this Saturday from 2-3pm by clicking here. We want everyone to call in at 910.833.8764.

AuthorGreg Brannon


Did you see the governors comments about common core on NC Spin over the weekend?  Read and watch here.

Enough is enough! How much more will we tolerate? The state has no ethical role in 15000 hours of compulsory schooling!! These are our children , not the government’s ! They are not human resources , they are individual gifts from our Creator!

I urge Lt. Governor Dan Forest to Stand up to this massive bait and switch.

Please post your shared thoughts on Facebook and Twitter using #StandUpDan

Thank you,


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