Dr. Greg Brannon Campaign Message

Greg Brannon Campaign

Greg Brannon CampaignRunning for senate position in North Carolina was an opportunity to inject the fresh idea into our political system that had failed us in many ways. My message has been the same since I started running for this position although it has been misunderstood by a certain section of our society. I have posed this question so many times: Do we need a centralized government or a decentralized one? And, the obvious answer I get is a decentralized government. I support the idea of having more liberty where people have major say in the local level about their resources.

When it comes to Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, its important to meet our obligations. Funds must be available to complete these programs. Am strongly in agreement with many people who are opposed to abortion except when the life of a mother is at risk. Life begins at the conception and we should support it all the way. I promised the people of North Carolina to lead them by reading the constitution and not going by the word of the so called political consultants. Am I surgeon and I have learned to prepare myself before starting to do things.

The election campaigns were tough where the seat had attracted nine competitive candidates giving Republicans an upper hand in maintaining its control in North Carolina and Upper Chamber. Even though Republican Party was worried that their preferred candidate Richard Burr could lose, I felt those elections could have taken any direction. President Trump had not established a ground in this state and with its unpopular Governor McCroy, Burr’s re-election had become a headache. That uncertainty in political landscape gave me even a bigger motivation to go for Senate seat once again.

Greg Brannon CampaignMy decision to topple Democrat’s senator Kay Hagan and Republican senator Burr in 2016 was an extreme decision on my part. My support for quality education was unwavering and still remains the same. Many people supported my ideas on education including the conservatives who believed in me and this was demonstrated during the famous tea party in 2014. A survey conducted by Public Policy Polling indicated that I was the only Republican candidate who could beat Hagan if we go head-to-head. I was eager to join Sen. Tedd Cruz and Sen. Mike Lee.

The issue that was closest to my heart during my career is abortion. I believe life begins after the conception and must be protected unless the mother is in danger. Am also grateful to Raud Paul for his endorsement for my candidature in 2014. Paul saw me as the right candidate especially for conservatives in North Carolina, but I was here for everyone in this State. Even though this two elections did not go my way, I still believe in more liberty in our society and in the modern America. Its the future and the way to go. Lets allow the local communities have more say in their destination and the best way to utilize their resources. I also believe that time is coming when these ideas will become a reality. We just need to keep pushing what we believe in.

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