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Dr.Greg Brannon – His Take On Education And Health In United States

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greg brannon educationOur Constitution does not have a provision for Federal governments to be involved in the local education. The Department of Education has over the years grown at very unacceptable pace and it has also failed to report tangible and measurable results that show the raise in education levels and reducing achievement gaps. This is despite the huge budget given to this department from $14.5 billion in 1980 to over $68.6 billion in 2017. I strongly believe that educational decisions can only be effective at the local level where teachers, parents and community leaders are engaged in determining the most efficient ways of using their resources.

The best direction to take is to work hard and see education funding returns back to states where legislatures can work closely with educational experts to come up with efficient state-based programs that will promote education. I also believe in reducing the influence, size and scope of Education Department with an aim of eliminating it in the future. Am for repealing of the No-Child-Left-Behind and bring to an end the Race to grant programs that have seen stated coerced into accepting the federal cash in exchange for compliance.

Our children are the best gift from God and each one is blessed with a unique talent. The challenges they face are meant to inspire and encourage them. Every child should be able to access quality education whether in public school, charter school, private school or religious school and a parent can select the best option for his children. From my personal experience, i know every kid is unique and everyone has a unique learning style, strength, interest and talent. North Carolina has taken a leading role in school choice movement. Given opportunity, I would promote school choice, support the needs of families, children and teachers and encourage free markets in the education sector.

greg brannon healthAnother area of interest in our Constitution is Health, which is very close to my heart. With more 21 years as a practicing OB/GYN, I have gained enough experience in matters of health. Many describe me as level-headed and ambitious candidate when I vied for senate position in North Carolina. During my career as a doctors, I helped mothers deliver slightly more than 9,000 babies. I have also helped at least 20,000 patients in my career and that says something terms of making my contribution in our society. Affordable health care fueled my desire to run for senate position. I support Obamacare to be repealed and not replaced. I also believe in sanctity of life and my practice as OB/GYN was to compliment my christian beliefs.

I believe our country should be a nation that keeps its promises. That means we must take care of our commitments to our elderly and continue to keep those promises. We must not forget citizens who have paid for many years their Medicare and Social Security and have put all their future hopes on these benefits. We use the funds from these forms of investments to fund the budget in our country without making necessary preparations to help our seniors during their retirement. That’s why I support true market reforms that can help us face financially secure future while at the same time keeping our promises to those people who depend on these investments.

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