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The fundamental purpose of the federal government is to protect life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is not to arbitrarily determine how individuals or corporations spend their time and financial resources. 

Free markets allow businesses small and large to grow and flourish in an open economy. Central planning and regulation (whether through Federal Reserve policies or economic incentives) destroy the value of our dollar, cause prices to skyrocket, and result in lower wages and higher unemployment. 

Government regulations ultimately hurt the poor while benefitting special interest groups that can afford to lobby Congress, promoting big business/big government cronyism while small businesses struggle to comply. 

With competition restrained, consumers can expect fewer choices, higher prices, and lower-quality services. Government can best “help” the economy by stepping aside and unleashing the free market to let businesses stand or fail on their own merit.

As your Senator, I’ll fight the forces of big government that seek to strangle our economy with regulation and red tape. I’ll stand up for folks in North Carolina who are simply seeking the freedom to thrive and pursue their own happiness.

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