Federal Intervention

The Constitution of the United States does not include a provision for the federal government to be involved in local education – a duty, by the tenth amendment, that is allocated to the individual states.

However, since its inception in 1979, the size and scope of the Department of Education has grown at an unacceptable and unconstitutional pace. With an initial budget in 1980 of $14.5 billion and a proposed 2015 budget of $68.6 billion, the department has failed to report concrete and measurable results in reducing achievement gaps and raising the level of educational achievement.

This is because educational decisions are most effective when made locally, where parents, teachers, and community leaders can determine the most effective use of resources.

As your Senator, I will promote efforts to return education funding back to the states, where state legislatures can work hand in hand with educational experts to develop state-based programs that work for them.

I will work to reduce the size, scope, and influence of the Department of Education with the ultimate goal of eliminating it completely. I will support efforts to repeal No Child Left Behind and to end Race to the Top grant programs that coerce states into accepting federal funds in exchange for compliance with top down programs like common core.

Our children are gifts from our creator, each blessed with unique talents and challenges meant to be inspired and encouraged, not to stand in line as cogs in a government wheel.

School Choice and Competition

I believe that every child should have access to a quality education – whether that be in a public school, a private school, a charter school, a religious school, or a parent selects home schooling as the best option for their family. I know, from personal experience, that every child is unique, and that individual children have different learning styles, interests, strengths, and talents.

North Carolina has been a leader on the front lines of the school choice movement. I am deeply proud of our rich and successful charter school program. As your Senator, I will promote school choice, competition, and free markets in education, supporting the needs of individual communities, families, teachers, and children.


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