Legal immigration is an integral and important part of the way our Republic functions.  Our country is a nation of immigrants – a place where individuals who legally seek to enter to work or to become citizens are welcomed with open arms.

Our country is also a nation of laws. Crossing our borders without following the legal processes set out explicitly by law is unacceptable. American taxpayers should not be forced to pay for the welfare, medical care, and other expenses incurred by illegal immigrants – essentially subsidizing that illegal activity.

Immigration reform is imperative to reduce the incentives for individuals to cross our borders illegally. Immigration requirements, guest worker, and visa programs should be audited, updated and enforced for all those wishing to enter the United States.  

Any attempt at immigration reform must begin with securing our borders.

Congress and the President must make every effort to secure our borders. Millions crossing our borders without documentation constitutes a clear threat to our nation’s security. As your Senator, I will work to secure our borders immediately.

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