Political Correctness Will Not Reinforce Family Values

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greg brannon politicalI have always been open about my stance, when it comes to family values. As a Christian and medical practitioner, I believe that marriage was created to suit one man and one woman. Our bodies are molded creatively by the maker to bring forth new life. It is through this innate state that we find great happiness and family value. It is no secret that the national push for same-sex rights compelled North Carolina to acknowledge same-sex marriage rights. I believe that enhancing family values is not about silencing the rights of other people. As an advocate for strong family values, my work is to talk about what I believe in passionately.

If your leaning is towards the traditional set up of marriage, you have every right to air your views just like others. Society has a way to make traditional values null and void. To this end, my opinion is that standing for what you believe in is the best way to reinforce your belief. It is very easy to be politically correct so that you can please sections of people or avoid conflict. It is impossible for all of us to have identical beliefs. In this respect, we must accommodate the role of traditional family values in our modern society.

Activism sometimes can override these values and it is upon every person to make their stand very clear. The fact that I believe in marriage between a man and a woman does not mean I hate people who are in same-sex marriage. It only means that I have a different set of ideals and tenets. Hate and animosity does not have to come between people when they are fighting for their rights. Removing enmity and looking at the issues clearly is the only way to live in peace and harmony. Therefore, my drive is to inform people who value the traditional set up of marriage not to make any apologies. If your child chooses to enter into a same-sex marriage, they still remain your child.

greg brannon politicalWith respect and compassion, we can play our role in demonstrating our values. This way, our children will follow the model that inspires them most. There is no doubt that there are many forces on a mission to undo the very foundation of family values. Forces that do not have goodwill should be resisted. As people who embrace the fruits and liberties of our nation, choosing to safeguard one’s values is of critical importance. I know that with a sturdy family foundation, our values as a nation will be boosted overall.

It is important to take stock and see where we have dropped the ball. Why are many young people confused or choosing not to embrace the values of their forefathers? We need to play an active role in reinforcing these values. Ultimately, family values are about love, compassion and respect. As a Christian, this is what I preach and promote. I value the fundamental truths that make up our society. We may not have an ideal society yet, but we can contribute positively to the same. Political correctness should not surpass what we believe in.

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