Why Immigration Reform in America is Tantamount to Progress

greg brannon immigration

greg brannon immigrationThere is no doubt that the prosperity of America has been driven by immigrants. Today, the nation is composed of people from all walks of life. This variety has been a source of great strength as the United States continues to stand out as the world’s greatest nation. We all value the input brought by immigrants; and in actual sense, most of us are immigrants. Having said this, America has also been built by a continual enforcement of the rule of law. Strong laws and guidelines have allowed progress to happen in all facets of life. When it comes to immigration, the rule of law cannot be overlooked.

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Political Correctness Will Not Reinforce Family Values

greg brannon political

greg brannon politicalI have always been open about my stance, when it comes to family values. As a Christian and medical practitioner, I believe that marriage was created to suit one man and one woman. Our bodies are molded creatively by the maker to bring forth new life. It is through this innate state that we find great happiness and family value. It is no secret that the national push for same-sex rights compelled North Carolina to acknowledge same-sex marriage rights. I believe that enhancing family values is not about silencing the rights of other people. As an advocate for strong family values, my work is to talk about what I believe in passionately.

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Education - Health

Dr.Greg Brannon – His Take On Education And Health In United States

greg brannon education

greg brannon educationOur Constitution does not have a provision for Federal governments to be involved in the local education. The Department of Education has over the years grown at very unacceptable pace and it has also failed to report tangible and measurable results that show the raise in education levels and reducing achievement gaps. This is despite the huge budget given to this department from $14.5 billion in 1980 to over $68.6 billion in 2017. I strongly believe that educational decisions can only be effective at the local level where teachers, parents and community leaders are engaged in determining the most efficient ways of using their resources.

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