When taxes are lower, people and businesses can spend more, save more, and invest more – all of which we need for our economy to thrive. Working men and women should keep more of the money they earn, freeing them up to open small businesses, invest in their futures, and create jobs in the private sector. 

Government should stop choosing winners and losers through subsidies and targeted tax breaks that benefit only a few. 

The tax code is difficult to navigate even for the most experienced of professionals. It’s time to develop a system where individual taxpayers can fill out their yearly tax forms without a master’s degree in accounting. The tax code should be simple, provide a level playing field, and make America a competitive place to do business. 

We can start by eliminating the IRS once and for all, and instituting a flat or fair tax system that puts everyone on a level playing field and lowers taxes for all. 


Despite talking points, promises, and pledges to the contrary, big government Republicans have significantly contributed to increased federal spending, doubling the national debt during the Bush administration. 

Now our national debt is over $17 trillion. 

We have to do more than just talk about reducing spending and eliminating the deficit.
We cannot continue to fund federal programs we can’t afford, dumping ever more debt and interest onto the shoulders of our children and grandchildren to pay back into perpetuity. 

As your Senator, I will be committed to eliminating federal programs that no longer work, finding free-market alternatives to healthcare and other liabilities, curbing runaway spending, finally balancing the budget, and dramatically lowering taxes.

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