Why Immigration Reform in America is Tantamount to Progress

greg brannon immigration

greg brannon immigrationThere is no doubt that the prosperity of America has been driven by immigrants. Today, the nation is composed of people from all walks of life. This variety has been a source of great strength as the United States continues to stand out as the world’s greatest nation. We all value the input brought by immigrants; and in actual sense, most of us are immigrants. Having said this, America has also been built by a continual enforcement of the rule of law. Strong laws and guidelines have allowed progress to happen in all facets of life. When it comes to immigration, the rule of law cannot be overlooked.

Most people agree that immigrants bring great value to the country. However, we need to go a step further and acknowledge the legal implications. If we are a country bound by law, immigration has to be legal as well. The biggest problem in the nation today has to do with illegal immigration. Millions of people from all around the world are finding illegal means to get into the United States. With so many undocumented people settling in America, the issues will compound and the results are not pretty. I strongly believe in giving all people the chance to work and live out their dreams. I however also strongly believe that following the laid out laws for immigration cannot be bypassed.

Illegal immigration has brought about many problems. From insecurity to a humanitarian crisis of people who are not able to live with dignity, this sector is in great need of reforms. Illegal immigration creates medical and social needs that have to be catered to by the taxpayer at the end of the day. With the new political dispensation, improving the immigration sector seems to be a priority. Enforcing the existing laws will go a long way in mitigating the most prominent issues. Illegal activity by immigrants is one of the major threats to the stability of the nation.

greg brannon immigrationSome immigrants who did not follow the laid out regulations have since been deported back to their homes. This move may be taken in the wrong way by many. However, the rule of law is the benchmark in which we can all live in peace and harmony. There is also need to revisit the immigration guidelines that have to do with visa programs and work permits. Giving people a fair chance to get the right opportunities in America is definitely the way forward. With immigration reform, illegal immigrants do not have to live in fear.

Living the American dream should not involve hiding from the authorities all the time in fear of being caught. Immigrants should know that their quality of life will improve when the proper immigration procedures are followed. To this end, the United States government is keen to secure borders and to bring the rule of law once again. I believe that this move can only make the lives of all people better. It is not about hating or undervaluing those who want to move to America; it is about giving them a proper framework in which they can thrive without fear. Therefore, my take is that immigration reform will trigger more progress in our beloved nation.

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